Special Program for Industrial Challenge and Exposure (SPICE)

10 Jul 2017

This is a three-weeks summer program that challenges participants to improve the performance of a manufacturer using an industrial business and engineering framework. The participants are expected to come with innovative ideas to improve the production system or management system of the manufacturer. 

SPICE 2016 has been held from 18 July until 5 August 2016. There are 23 participants, 3 students from Dong Seo University, Bushan, South Korea, 2 students from International Christian University, Tokyo, Japan, 3 students from  Daffodil International University, Dhaka, Bangladesh, and 15 students from Petra Christian University. 

Students were divided in groups of 4-5 students. Each group was assigned a study case, which is a real problem from Albea Indonesia, PT. Trias Sentosa, Tbk, and PT MitraCitra Mandiri Offset. In the first week students will have guest lectures, brainstorming and discussion to prepare them solving their study cases. The second week, the focus for this program will be on collecting information and data at the company. Then from the data gathered, each group would have to analyze and construct a report on company's performance improvement purpose. At the end of the course each group will present their improvement proposal to the company management.

NOW!!! SPICE 2017 is back. We are ready to welcome you to join the most productive and rewarding Summer Program in Surabaya - Indonesia!

Register and let Indonesia be a part of your
treasured moments with SPICE!


website: http://spice.petra.ac.id

Instagram: instagram.com/spicepetra

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